On Packing Light

Studio Visit: Angelica Falkeling

This episode of On Packing Light will be aired on Worm Radio on 15 June 2021.

On this episode of On Packing Light, I visit Angelica Falkeling in their studio at the RET Building in the south of Rotterdam, which overlooks part of the city’s sprawling port. We talk about writing, sculpture, textiles, the accumulation of materials (words, fibres, fictions) and methods of working through them. Through our conversation, we touch on the power relationship between different kinds of knowledges, tacit knowledge, the politics of perceiving bodies / how bodies are perceived, dismantling dominant sensational hierarchies, touch tours, audio tours, imposter syndrome, homogenous notions of domesticity, dogs visiting exhibitions, and practicing excess in the face of modesty. In our conversation, Angelica says: “My work relates to the politics of the body, the idea of identifies, how they are read and received, and how bodies are read and received… textiles as close to the body - “we wear them, we sleep in them, they are in our kitchen, we dry ourselves with them - it’s the material that makes a lot of places liveable” (31:17 - 32:38).

This episode is annotated by footnotes, demarcated by a sound introduced in the beginning of the episode. Those footnotes, and corresponding images and links, can be read below.