On Packing Light


On Packing Light is an artistic research project by Lili Huston-Herterich. It uses the method of episodic sound (it's a podcast) to think through the subject of textiles and clothing, ranging from personal accounts to political histories. On Packing Light explores the personal and political sentimental capacity of textiles and speculates the ways in which capitalism has shaped our relationship to and understanding of our personal belongings.The research process generates the material for the sound works, so research and production happens simultaneously through the duration of the project.

The episodes of On Packing Light are aired live every other Tuesday from WORM Radio in Rotterdam, at live.worm.org.

This project is supported by CBK Rotterdam (Center for Visual Arts Rotterdam)'s Onderzoeks- en Ontwikkelingssubsidies (Research & Development) grant.

Where to listen

You can listen to On Packing Light on this website, every other Tuesday at 18h Rotterdam time on live.worm.org, or wherever you get your podcasts:

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Other Information

The typeface used for the On Packing Light logo and website header was traced from a sheet of a variety of letraset pages my father gave as a child. You can download the typeface to use yourself here. I'll be making more typefaces from these sheets over the next year.

Thank You

Thank you to Alex Iezzi for sound mastering,
to friend Ash Kilmartin for the introduction to the WORM Radio crew,
to friends and loves who have lended their ears and insights,
and to the guests who have joined me in conversation.

spotify mixcloud anchor.fm google podcasts pocket casts